in spring, we set out to sing-凯发官网入口

shandong tianyu construction machinery co., ltd., concern and attaches great importance to the company for many years, women work for the company all women have a meaningful 38 women's days, chose the bloomy spring season, from april 1, 2017, the company deputy general manager shao lanying, director of the company trade union chairman lin yujiao, fuweihui wu beauty lead all female employees, in taian underground rift valley sightseeing tours. this day, everybody happy, the mood extremely excited, workshop employee yu-xia zhang moved to say: company production peak season tense period, the company also squeeze out money, arrange time organizing tourist activities, each of us a female employees should work in their respective positions, work hard to create the best results, improve the quality of work, live up to the company for the love of the ans female employees.