shandong tianyu 2016 low-凯发官网入口

from december 14 to 15, 2016, the china quality certification center supervised and inspected the low-voltage switchgear power cabinet produced by our company. this inspection is a routine supervision and inspection.

inspection objective: to evaluate the company's ability to ensure the consistency between the mass-produced certified products and the qualified samples from type tests. scope of inspection: low-voltage switchgear - power cabinet produced by the company

inspection basis:

1. relevant national laws, regulations, administrative normative documents, etc

2. product certification rules: cnca-c03-01:2014: cqc- c0301-2014

3. factory inspection requirements and/or plant quality assurance capability requirements

4. type test report or confirmed product description report, etc

the surveillance audit by china quality certification center sent chuan-guo shi and zhi-jun jia two experts group, chuan-guo shi ren the inspection team leader, the supervision and inspection of the time for two days 14 and 15.

inspection team to our company's management, the relevant departments of the attendees at the meeting, at the end of the first, to the quality inspection, supply, production, technical data, the key to verify factory information provided by the company, the procurement and key-module control, production process control, regular inspection and verification, inspection certificate of testing instruments and equipment account and identifying, the verification of the unqualified item, last time, the control of non-conforming product certification, product changes and consistency control product consistency check, a prototype for the on-site inspection and test, the comprehensive inspection on the ccc certificate and sign audit. to the quality manual, program files management system documents checked and consult, evaluate whether the organization management system running continue to meet all the requirements of the audit standard, system operation is sustained and effective.

due to sufficient preparation for the inspection materials and all aspects of work, the two-day supervision and verification work passed the acceptance smoothly.

inspectors' evaluation:

comprehensive judgment of factory inspection: all conformance items passed the factory inspection.